AHLNET is a stake pool for the

Cardano community that lets you earn

passive income for the ADA you hold while 

strengthening the network and making it decentralized

Inter Stake Pool Peering Agreement

In spirit with the Cardano incentivised testnet and experimenting on models of pool operation several pools have together formed an "Inter-Stake Pool Peering Agreement". Go to isppa.info to read more about it.

AHLNET (AHL) is a proud member of the CoolPool Consortium!

Additional details can be found further down and please check out the other CoolPool Consortium members who together, share best practices, knowledge, and community education to bring ADA delegators the best possible, community-driven staking experience: AHL; ANGEL; CLEAR; LAT1; SADA; STHDL.


01 / Who am I?

My name is Ola, a traditional Swedish name and also the place in which I was born. I have a passion for travel and often to remote and far away places. It's great to experience the local traditions and their way of life.

I have over 15 years of experience in IT management and deploying mission critical servers in an air traffic control center. This is my second passion in life and I spend a lot of my free time working in various private and open source projects coding mainly in Java and other high-level languages.

02 / Goal

To help spread the word of Cardano and what it is trying to accomplish. 


By running a stake pool I can help strengthen the network and make it as decentralized as possible. By delegating your ADA you can also help grow the ecosystem and at the same time earn rewards for it. See Guide section on this page for how to delegate your ADA.

For more information on Cardano and their goals see the Cardano Fundation website at 



The Jormungandr software created by IOHK is the heart of the pool software run by all pool operators. To better manage and to keep track of pool data, uptime, problems etc you need to add additional software into the mix.

For AHLNET I have chosen to use the jormungandr manager called JorManager created by Andrew Westberg. It's a Java/Kotlin based tool to manage failover between several jormungandr instances as well as other helpful reporting and management features. To help push this project forward I have created an installer script to easily deploy JorManager installations in no time. For more information about this tool visit these sites: 
Andrews JorManager: 
My installer: 

In addition to this manager I'm running Zabbix for IT infrastructure monitoring. It's a very powerful tool to monitor the health of the system and to automatically take actions and alert me if anything is wrong with the pool/servers. A push notification goes to the phone that trigger, if severe enough, an alarm that will fire any hour of the day. 

With this setup I'm confident the pool will have very close to 100% uptime.

03 / Hardware

Cardano nodes/stake pools are run on every type of hardware from VPS in the cloud to small energy efficient ROCK Pi's in the bedroom.

My take on it is that to make it as decentralized as possible running it on local server grade hardware if you have the skills and means to do it is the best solution.


This is is what AHLNET runs on with UPS backup for power outages. This way you are not putting all eggs in the basket of the VPS providers and even though small energy efficient hobby equipment is fun I don't believe it will deliver the stability that is required.

A failover server is put in place that will take over either automatically based on monitoring or manually in need. This failover server is located in a different location in Sweden to make sure that even if there should be a massive power outage or isp issue on main server location the pool will keep on making the blocks.


  • AMD 3900X 12C/24T

  • 64GB DDR4 3200Mhz

  • 512GB NVMe storage

  • OPNSense router

  • Proxmox VPS/CT


  • INTEL i5-2500K

  • 24GB DDR3

  • SATA storage



We are currently in the Incentivized TestNet (ITN) part of the Cardano development of the phase called Shelley. 

You can never loose ADA by delegating. The fees mention are taken from the rewards to cover cost of running the stake pool.

Most(99%) of the rewards are distributed among the delegators based on ADA delegated to the pool. This is done by the protocol and completely out of the hands of the pool operator.

The rewards you receive during this testnet is very real and will be payed out at the end of the testnet phase when we go live on mainnet. 




ZERO fixed fee 




Install and open TestNet version of Daedalus/Yoroi wallet. Restore your wallet if you haven't done so already.


Remember that to be able to participate in ITN you would need to have had your ADA in a Daedalus or Yoroi wallet at the time of the snapshot taken on November 29, 2019. If you are unsure don't hesitate to contact me for further information. 


Once the delegation transaction goes through your ADA is delegated and you will start earning rewards in EPOCH+1. In the testnet an epoch is 24h long so you will have to wait two days before you start seing rewards from delegation.

Daedalus delegation

  1. Install and start ITN version of Daedalus (special version)
    Choose delegation in the left pane.

  2. Select the Stake pools tab.

  3. Type in AHL or AHLNET and my pool should show in the list.

  4. Click on my stake pool and you should get a popup window like the one to the right above.

  5. Click on "delegate to this pool" button and follow the instructions to enter your spending password etc.

  6. DONE!

YOROI delegation

  1. Choose Delegation (Simple) in the top right corner. 

  2. Enter AHL or AHLNET into the search field hit search.

  3. Click on DELEGATE on my stake pool and you should get a popup window that will guide you through the last steps of the delegation process.

  4. DONE!


pool stats

Jormungandr software and pool settings are constantly fine tuned at this stage.

This will of course affect pool performance but be sure that all experience gathered are put to good use and I'm sure AHLNET will be one of the most performant pools available.


A lot of experience was gathered during the beta and nightly network test phase before the incentivized testnet was launched.

To compare AHLNET against other stake pools use built in performance metric in Daedalus.

There are also very good websites that list available pools.

Below are a couple of good sites to see stats for AHLNET.

Search for AHLNET





CoolPool Consortium

During the Shelley Incentivized Testnet phase of the rollout of the next chapter of the Cardano ecosystem, several stake pool operators decided to work together for a variety of reasons. While the overall Cardano Community is second to none, it is also very large, and constantly communicating with more than a handful of other pool operators has become difficult as the testnet has progressed. In order to make our communications and shared learnings more efficient, we decided to create the CoolPool Consortium within the larger Cardano Community.

Our intent of the CoolPool Consortium is as follows:

  1. Retain our independence as pool operators, yet share knowledge and best practices among all CoolPool Consortium members;

  2. As we develop proven, data-driven best practices within the CoolPool Consortium, give those best practices back to the larger Cardano Community so that other stake pools benefit, thereby strengthening the operations and security of the overall Cardano ecosystem in which we’ve all invested time, energy, and money.

  3. Provide a safety net on which each CoolPool Consortium member can rely, if there are ever operational emergencies.

  4. Collective marketing and socialization to assist all CoolPool Consortium member pools.

  5. Promote both geographic and cultural diversity within the CoolPool Consortium.  Cardano is a global phenomenon with a mission of inclusion, rather than exclusion, and the CoolPool Consortium believes in aligning with that mission.

We are proud to belong to the overall Cardano Community, and we strongly believe in Cardano’s mission and bright future in promoting positive change to the world in which we all live.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to read about our initiative.

Please click on any CoolPool Consortium member link below for additional details on a particular stake pool.







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